Y’all Sprawl

Outskirts of Prescott, AZ.  So much sprawl, even out in the middle of desert nowhere.  String cities can go on for miles and what seems like hours.  Places can lose population, yet the sprawl only seems to gobble up more of nowhere.  Part of it’s this damn automobile I drive and the Interstate culture built around it.  The other part is that when someone tries to get away from everyone, he brings everyone else along with him.  All it takes is a couple of estate homes to ruin a perfectly good butte.  The view is subdivided in the process.  One guy builds a house for his three car garage because he loves the view.  Then another guy sees his house and wants that view, too.  Then somebody else comes along.  Soon, instead of a spectacular vista, everybody ends up looking out at somebody else trying to enjoy the view.  Wherever we go, there we are.

© 2015 by Michael C. Just