Home – Short Stories from the Grand Canyon – By Michael Just

Edition: Softcover – 5″ x 7″ – 216 pages
Availability: December release
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Category: Fiction – Short Stories
ISBN: 978-1-934841-68-6
About the Book  Canyon Calls represents a first of its kind – a collection of short stories about the people who travel to, live, work and sometimes even maroon themselves in the Grand Canyon. Jumbling and juxtaposing oil-and-water characters drawn from all over the world, the collection contains stories of murder, romance, hauntings and suspense. Whether the reader sinks into the tales from an armchair thousands of miles away or stuffs them into her sack before she wanders below the rim itself, these stories entertain and even draw the reader into the mystical. Along the way, they educate about the Canyon itself. For story excerpts, click here. Portions of four stories are featured. The book, available for purchase on this website, contains 10 Grand Canyon stories.Canyon Calls