The Vision

Along the lower reaches of the Grand Canyon’s Bright Angel Trail as it nears the Colorado, a door-sized portal seems carved into the sandstone, the shape of a mouse hole.  Reminds me of what I’d imagined the tomb of Jesus looked like.  Beyond the portal, impenetrable darkness against the sunny walls of the inner canyon.  I’d explored the cave last year.  Today, I passed by it as I was praying.  It seemed the wormhole to another dimension.  A byway to the Special World, the magical threshold, through which, when I squeezed, I would never be the same.  I was filled with a mystic trembling as I chanted: “What will you have me do?  Where would you have me go?  What visions would you have me see, to what regions would you have me voyage?”  Suddenly, a static filled the black of the portal.  An other-worldly snow clouded my vision.  Was this the herald of my long-awaited vision quest?

Not yet.  The pixels transforming the black expanse of the doorway were a ghost of gnats.  Message from the Special World:  Don’t take yourself so seriously.

© 2015 by Michael C. Just