From Cache

Jake couldn’t wait for the sun to come up, so he could stop thinking about the thing he’d left undone.  Once in awhile, he’d crack open an eye, and see Coyle’s blurry image staring at him.  Finally, he felt the cool, weak blue sky leach through his eyelids.  He opened them.  He sniffed the sage, […]

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I watched as the packer saddled up my mule at Bright Angel trailhead.  I’d crammed my whole pitiful history into those stuff sacks.  I’d reduced my life into what could be carried on a beast of burden with an I.Q. of maybe 2.  My darting eyes lingered only for Crawford.  I’d met him on an […]

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From Night at the Bottom of the World

The next morning, Rod fished below a rapid when he snagged something on the undertow.  It almost broke his line but he used horsehair, enough pounds per inch to haul in whatever it was.  He made out a large star shape that swirled in an eddy near his piece of shore.

“Aw no,” he mumbled. “Robin!”  

Robin […]

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From The Exile

From downriver, boots crunched and digested the gravel.  A face came into frame.  Mid-fifties.  I shot my flashlight up and down his face, distorting the sag in his cheeks, torturing the wrinkle in his brow.  His eyes sunk into shadow.  I couldn’t make them out.  This time I’d really wake up.  I clawed the pebbles […]

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